ChroniclesIEntrepreneur Documentary Atlanta Georgia

ChroniclesIEntrepreneur Documentary
The Fall. Spiritual Rebuilding. Hardships. Triumphs. Rising.

As a fearless risk-taking entrepreneur, I have experienced many highs & lows, falls & rises, always rising back to stability with Faith, Courage, Compassion and trusting God as my foundations.

This fall will have been my hardest ever, and through enduring will produce the highest rise leading to building the ChroniclesIEntrepreneur society; A positive life changing and inspiring Entrepreneurial support system beginning in Atlanta, then expanding to select US cities.


Imagine a new breed of Entrepreneurs established on Faith, Courage, and Compassion. With a mission-driven purpose to ignite and grow a Spiritually-Charged power segment that creates hope, opportunities, training, and financial stability for Action-Believers. Would you like to benefit? Do you live doing God first? Next: TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

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