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God first. I’m Kenneth, I formed an entrepreneurial risk-taking spirit early, and lifelong taught myself by doing;  
  • Computers
  • Software's
  • Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Videography/Film, Editing, and
  • the Internet.
I was also fortunate to have a few exceptional entrepreneurial mentors along the way, whom I give credit to shaping my fast-track business sense and perseverance.

In 2002, I created and officially launched first of many successfully Packaged Web Marketing entrepreneurship’s. I was immediately drawn to producing streaming video content and recall having to wait on the Internet to catch up to my innovative needs. I visualized video marketing concepts that would create benefits for existing & new small business markets to grow their lead generation and sales channels, and so did.

My professional title elevated from “Web Marketing Consultant” to “Director / Producer / Videographer”. Aggressively, I’d develop markets with my branding “Video Multi-Media Marketing Campaigns” for small business owners and achieved sourcing these impactful solutions into multiple industries; Retail, Business, Fashion, Festivals, Events, Live Music, and Nightlife.

Prior to my WorldWideWeb self-taught skills, I created a variety of professional business assets which laid strong foundations & activities for 2002 start-up accelerating forward;
  • Software’s Marketing Systems
  • Marketing Software User Training
  • Sales & Marketing Seminars
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Collateral Marketing Materials
  • Business Development Specialties
  • Consulting
  • Coaching and
  • Mentoring

I’m grateful to embark on journeys taking KennethFILMS, ChroniclesIEntrepreneur, Esther Leotta Foundation to their highest levels to benefit your businesses, organization, and desired personal & career achievements.

Please take a moment to engage my media samples, stories, trends, and subscribe to this action-packed Video Blog Portfolio. Let’s get started growing market-share for your business, too.


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