Documentary: Episode #2 6/11/13 - 7/11/13 ChroniclesIEntrepreneur

The Fast-Track
My car with many mechanical problems, but by God’s grace takes me to Riverdale and back, receiving order. With fanfare located a branch and after work-throughs had small dollars to handle big issue surrounding bills to productively keep things moving forward. Why was this order so important?

6/12 - 6/16/13
Now significantly back on track, I’m in position to be productive on various personal and business levels. But only for short time if another project is not achieved quickly. There are other issues that are impeding my progress, including one of demonic nature regarding an individual who works for the company of office space, who is jealous and upset that owner would make such a thing available to me. This awful person has done many evil acts like: throwing items against wall throughout day and early morning, locking up fan used to cool my 80+ degree office that I’d received permission to use, climbing in ceiling peeping in on me, punctured a hole in my cars antifreeze reservoir. I consistently rebuked this demon and God blessed forward progress and enabled evil to catch up with this individual, as it was discovered he was selling drugs from premises and flushing paraphernalia down towelettes which stopped working. When plumber dredged up this demons evil, he copped to the wrong doings and was fired while costing his employer $3,000 to fix plumbing. To God be the glory.

Up and spiritually fit and motivated making Telephone Sales Presentation Cold-Calls to identify prospects, set-up appointment, and secure video shoot project sales.

6/21 - 7/11/13
The discomforts, 80+ temperatures, unpleasantness, and sleeplessness in office space has sent me back to sleeping in my car home through 7/8am then back to a hot office to get cleaned up, relax, and begin a new workflow day. At this point remaining much longer in space is not an option, as it has not served a better purpose since arriving and begin packing for relocation to Jacksonville FL ocean to where God has place has placed in my spirit.

...And now, EPISODE 2 of the ChroniclesIEntrepreneur series.

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