Documentary: Episode #1 5/1/13 - 6/11/13 ChroniclesIEntrepreneur

The Fast-Track
Mother is called to glory and worst pain ensues for 7 years. I tried everything to pre-cushion myself through years leading up to her death, but absolutely knew I’d need to brace for impact and my hardest fall in life in order to rebound successfully.

ChroniclesIEntrepreneur was conceived in my spirit. I look forward to sharing this uplifting spiritual experience in seminars and workshops to come.

10/15 - 11/30/12
My anticipated hardest Fall is fulfilled with disparity knocking at my door. In my pain, family members; 4 sisters & 1 brother stole from my mother. They stole her inheritance for me, even still as she told them not to on her deathbed. Evil and greed, they ignored an angel's dying wish. At this time, I got so sick with death flu going around and was hoping for glory, asking HIM for glory. But after weeks GOD began healing, and the ChroniclesIEntrepreneur HE placed in my spirit, ignited with Holy Fire & Clarity within me. Filling my soul with purpose for HIM. The inheritance theft negatively impacted plans for my mothers “Esther Leotta Foundation” I created to honor her loving memory. Although my family wanted to hurt me by stealing from mom, pain stemmed from them stealing from Mom, God’s lovely angel who taught her children perfectly living-by-example; God. Faith. Love. Truth. Joy. Compassion. They stole from a real earth angel Mother who deserved better.

12/1/12 - 4/28/13
A few days prior to expected loss of housing. I arranged temporary housing for next six months. Blessed to get my computer back, but severely abused leaving me with massive computer problems eating up allotted time to get software’s operational, video blog designed, videos re-produced & re-branded, content and much more. I had to scrap installs / set-ups and re-format drive 3 times before it worked. By this time, only a few weeks left to get things settled for approaching homelessness and associated turbulences to begin enduring God’s mission and purpose for me. I perceived 3-5 years of extreme hardships and lessons HE will teach me.

5/1/13 - 6/11/13
Spiritually, I’d locked away most painful segments of pain from loss of mom, but summoning up joy, as she demonstrated. Joy is what you’ll witness throughout ChroniclesIEntrepreneur. But know this... I’m doing all you’ll see in extreme exhaustion mode, as from 5/1/13 through present day 2017, I average only 15-20 minutes of sleep hourly or less over night’s sleeping inside car home, and it continues to be very dangerous. It’s after 6:00 a.m. I am joyful and not alone for this journey ahead. I cleaned up and began filming the start of ChroniclesIEntrepreneur “Introduction”. I am in the spirit, alive trusting God completely for Faith & Courage has prepared me to rebuild my whole self from Earth-Low to Infinity-High. God placed in my spirit, that soon I’d be relocating to ocean in Florida where as you’ll witness HIM; merciful, protective, teaching me to overcome, rise, spread, and win others with HIS good news from four years journey.

9:15 a.m. Saturday morning and it is cold with thunder, lightning & rain. I remain positive and am mentally visualizing the fruits my obedience and efforts will produce. If you’re an entrepreneur encountering turbulences, don’t give up or let other people's comments impede your forward progress. You know where you’re going, so endure the journey and self-monitor your actions. Trust God and find a way to summon joy within yourself.

10:38 a.m. This temporary office space would also serve as home too. But in the end, was better off in my car home, which I did so on 7/12. No matter what, I live in a state of spirituality & positivity while overcoming deep and disturbing obstacles. Never be a quitter, be a Winner and play to win. Two weeks later, I discovered temp office space was provided on a lie. The situation grew more demonic each day; No rest, no sleep, lowest productivity, no ac, not permitted to touch ac in 80+ degrees temperature in my office, and consistent harassment leading to sabotage of my already barely running car from a jealous employee at the property. I remained rested in God’s bosom, and thus protected. My car is barely operational and restricted movement for direct sales activities.

My toughest issues: A broken down car, no gasoline, no food, and no money. I mean starving hungry; weak, dizzy and headaches. If I attempt to drive car, I could find myself stranded with a whole new set of problems. Still, I left the office/home to seek producing a video trade for a meal and $20 for gasoline from any restaurant owner. I was exhausted, hungry and physically worn down, yet wearing a positive face. I drove less than a mile, parked car, and walked several blocks giving my pitch to restaurant owners. I remained in prayer and hopeful. I continued to 10th restaurant where God sprouted seed.

5/28 - 5/29/13
It’s the day following Memorial Day holiday, and I need a sell badly. Working with nearly nothing, I designed my direct marketing piece and headed to office supply store to make copies. I catch that saves me time and now am ready to begin direct sales cold calls along with account drop-by’s.

The pollen is seriously impeding my progress; mentally & physically. Spiritually I’m pressing forward and move to plan B in order get something out of the day..

I overcome and achieve. To God be the glory.

...And now, EPISODE 1 of the ChroniclesIEntrepreneur series.
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