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One of my best works and most physically exhausting and challenging festival filmings ever. From the Pavilion’s Main Stage to Stage 2 to Vendor Booths Rows to Adults/Kids Amusements to Food Truckies Row to Highland Games on  Beach  to Pub After Party, filming from 12:30pm - 1:30am. 

Big problem before getting started... while setting up video camera its bottom attachment screw to tripod broke, and had to painfully wrap my hand around video camera and shoulder harness the entire time. Then strainfully keep video camera from moving while wearing a 25lb video light battery belt, beginning at sundown. I totted my trusty aerial ladder securing great video footage's of the star-studded Celtic recording artists line up in addition to various events.

The highly physical branded style of video shooting earned me a standing ovation from Pavilion’s V.I.P. seated crowd. That really felt good. The festivals last act ended at 9pm at which time, I walked 5 blocks still totting & wear video equipment gear to Pub’s after party. I was physically depleted, acting on pure adrenaline & joy, I video shooted after party until 1:30am. Once done I was in physical pain and could barely move walking back to car, painfully removing gear, and could barely drive car to… read heartbreaker.


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