Festival Latino Reggaeton Live Music

From very beginning, my plan included sourcing a branded style of video shooting into the major S.I.C. groups, and Festivals have always been a favorite of mine. Largely because filming execution is very physical, add my methods on top of that and physical requirements are turnt-up. At this huge annual festival with activities spanning end-to-end at Piedmont Park, I carried my trusted aerial latter, enabling captures of a variety of hi & low angles. As the sun began descending, I continued while wearing a 25lb video light battery belt with rapid movements.

Seven hours of this followed by completion, my body was totally spent, yet feeling quite accomplished requiring a few days to recharge physically & mentally too. In short, when I video shoot, I give it my all, thus putting on a show of my own, too! The weather was beautiful and I would do something uniquely different this time, simultaneously video shooting with right-side shoulder harness as usual, and with my left hand shooting live streaming video on mobile phone attached to a hand-pod. It presented some mental challenges like; monitoring two screen views, stabilizations climbing up/down aerial ladder with no hands, action movements, etc. Lol I won’t do that again, unless I first modify the harness with an attachment of sorts.


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