Documentary: Official Film Post Production Begins

4/18/15 I continued filming ChroniclesIEntrepreneur, accruing more and more footage, putting significant strain on post production I halted a year earlier.
But again, I’m ready to force editing between high turbulent times, but must try. I decided to forego the mini-web series movie format and concentrate on vlog format for now. Editing a few footage dates at a time time into a 3-4 minute vlog series, still requires lots of time & a place to work from which I am without. Car remains home with mechanical problems, which compounds limitations as I attempt building my Video Blog Magazine integrated with ChroniclesIEntrepreneur, video campaigns, and mother's E.L. Foundation. By God's grace, very slowly I’m making progress, overcoming massive obstacles. This video is also done just prior to start of 2nd post production. The video will show the massive amount of content I am working with. Still all I’ve done does not meet my own expectations while trying different things until finally recently, 5/11/2017 as just completed Vlog Episode 1 at 10 min. I am now tweaking production and will begin airing on my Video Blog Monday 5/15/17.


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KennethFILMS Video Blog Magazine a producer of original social video content for digital marketing, and is creator of empowering ChroniclesIEntrepreneur vlog series, and founder of the Esther Leotta Foundation gifter to small non-profits.
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