Documentary: Film Post Production 1st Attempt

4/3/14 After filming my ChroniclesIEntrepreneur journey for about 1 year, I’ve collected a great deal of video footage and badly needed to begin editing into web series.
Except, I was living out of car home and had no way or means to properly begin post production without a home or work space. And although I would go to libraries, restaurants, and malls, the hours and environment presented restrictions preventing productivity. My life is lived inside of exhaustion, which comes with it’s own limitations and have learned to press forward dealing with it. On this date, I officially attempted my first post production during massive obstacles which continued escalating, forcing me to scrap post production until a year later. I shot this video excited and hours prior to first post production over next month before halting.


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KennethFILMS Video Blog Magazine a producer of original social video content for digital marketing, and is creator of empowering ChroniclesIEntrepreneur vlog series, and founder of the Esther Leotta Foundation gifter to small non-profits.
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