Documentary The Fall, Journey, and 3-5 Years Rebuilding

10/15/12 Barely hanging on, yet appearing happy to others. Mom taught and demonstrated Joy & Happiness through many near death illnesses, and viewing my images through present day, I'm blessed to maintain her joyful spirit within, energizing me through extreme & sometimes life-threatening conditions. But safely rested in God's bosom. I’m falling hard from Mom's death, family members inheritance theft, near fatal flu illness. Jigs up Kenneth, let go, let the pain come & go. I am growing weaker & weaker, and then it all caves in over the next six weeks.

11/30/12 This would be the last breakfast I’d experience in my own home. I will spend a few months in temporary housing before start of car home for next 3-5 years. I have visions requiring interpretation and live life expecting spiritual understanding significant to this mission. I am perceiving grave hardship and dangers. By the grace of God, I will endure them all. Victory will be mine.

5/1/13 Temporary housing ended last night and awoke in an awesome state of joy despite difficult night in car home. I'm very tired and proceeded with hygiene actions. Then with uplifting motivation began filming the first "ChroniclesIEntrepreneur" vlog; the Introduction.

I'm Kenneth, and these are my entrepreneurial stories after taking my hardest fall in life and the journey back to stability, leading to great works.


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About Kenneth FILMS

KennethFILMS Video Blog Magazine a producer of original social video content for digital marketing, and is creator of empowering ChroniclesIEntrepreneur vlog series, and founder of the Esther Leotta Foundation gifter to small non-profits.
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